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  • Date:2012-12-14

 (1) Emissive Pollutant Inspection and Control

  1. Reinforce the facilities, relevant regulations and control technology promotion for managing the pollution control of construction engineering, in order to reduce emissive pollution.
  2. Collect the air pollution control fees for construction engineering.
  3. Undertake bare land checks and provide guidance for improvements, so as to reduce the dust from bare land.
  4. Patrol and investigate open-air burning cases, for reducing the complaints from the public. Enhance the public’s concept that open-air burning will affect air quality.
  5. Do regular monitoring on the variation tendency of the dust fall and background concentration in Kinmen County.  
  6. Perform the inspections of the particle pollutants and the sulphur content of machinery oil in the surrounding areas of construction sites.
  7. Promote the tasks such as road-cleaning adoption of construction site, self-management of machinery oil, and construction site beautification.
  8. Hold relevant educational workshops on construction engineering and agricultural waste.

(2) Mobile Pollutant Inspection and Control  

  1. Perform the road-side inspections on the motorcycles that are not regularly examined, so as to enhance the fulfillment rate of regular motorcycle examination.  
  2. Dispose of the highly-pollutant vehicles reported by the public, for enhancing the public’s satisfaction at the pollution control of motor vehicles.   
  3. For efficient use of the Highway Supervision Information Inquiry System, proceed with on-line vehicle registration data inquiry and utilize the prohibition/release system when handling the suspension/change of the reported vehicles, so as to control the polluted vehicles effectively.  
  4. Check and manage the motorcycle exhaust inspection stations precisely, to enhance inspection and service quality of the inspection stations, for maintaining the government’s credibility and image.
  5. Provide vehicle inspection data through the inspection information station, for enhancing the accuracy of operation quality as well as public satisfaction.
  6. Send the notifications of regular examinations, for promoting and carrying out the Regular Motorcycle Inspection System, so that vehicle owners can have active attitudes.   
  7. Hold promotional activities to promote the Regular Motorcycle Inspection System and the concept of regular motorcycle maintenance, so as to enhance the rate of regular inspection in this county. 
  8. Reinforce the inspections on the diesel fuel storage places as well as the sulphur content of the oil in diesel vehicles, and perform inspections on the sulphur content of oil.
  9. In terms of diesel vehicles, implement roadside inspections on diesel vehicles or ask them to go to the inspection sites to receive inspections, and implement smoke meter off-load tests for the sources such as the highly-pollutant vehicles reported by the public, so as to reduce the emission of black smoke from diesel vehicles. 
  10. Reinforce the promotion of electric bikes in this county, and provide subsidies for discarding old two-stroke motorcycles, so as to reduce the emission of mobile pollutants.    
  11. Provide regular reports of work results and various assessment report forms; estimate emission reduction and implement the strategies for pollution reduction.
  12.  Carry out standard operation procedures, for enhancing operation quality. 

(3) Permission Control of Stationary Pollutant and the Guiding Improvement Plan for Malodor Pollution in the Catering Industry

  1. Carry out the permission system, report system, and the polluter-pays principle.
  2. Have continuous control of the situation of air pollutant emission in this country. Study, assess and analyze the situation of stationary pollutant emission, so as to draw up relevant control measures.
  3. Make checks through in-situ investigations and permission. Reinforce air pollutant management and control follow-ups.
  4. Implement the tasks of collecting the receivables of air pollution fees, to carry out the polluter-pays principle.
  5. Confirm the data of stationary pollutant emission. Update and maintain the Stationary Pollutant Management Information System, so as to ensure the fairness and rationality of the collection of air pollution control fees.
  6. Implement the inspection and patrol operations for stationary pollutant, for urging the improvements in pollutants and improving air quality.  
  7. Reduce the emission situation of stationary pollutant and emissive particle pollutant in this county.
  8. Expand, investigate, maintain and update the basic database of the emission and malodor pollutant in the catering industry.
  9. Track the improvement progress and effectiveness of the proprietor complained. 
  10. Reduce and improve the smoke and malodor pollution in the catering industry.  
  11. Reduce the occurrence of malodor complaint cases, and study the improvement methods for handling malodor complaint cases. 
  12. Reduce the air pollution emission in the catering industry, and then enhance the quality of the environment and life of this county. 

(4) Air Quality Management Plan

  1. Collect and analyze the monitoring data of the environmental background and air quality of Kinmen and Xiamen or the surrounding coastal areas.
  2. Analyze the data of various kinds of pollutant emission. Grasp the influence on air quality caused by each emission source at present. Review the applicable reduction mechanism. 
  3. Study and draw up various management strategies for the air quality of this county.
  4. Compile, analyze, track and review the implementation results of various kinds of air pollution control plans. Supervise the operation content, progress and methods for each plan, and assess the operation quality and performance of each plan. 
  5. Perform the questionnaire survey on the public’s satisfaction at the air quality improvement tasks in this county, for providing this county with the reference for improving and enhancing the public’s satisfaction.
  6. Promote the self-management system for indoor air quality of every public place, to maintain the air quality of these places.

(5) Reinforce the Cleaning of Street Dust

  1.  In this county, Boyu Road, Huandao E. Road, Huandao W Road, Huandao S   Road, and Huandao N Road are cleaned and vacuumed manually by human labor, for reducing suspending particle pollutants. Also, the weeds on the two sides of the roads are cleaned by mowers. The gutters and the surrounding areas (6 meters around the gutters) are cleaned and maintained manually by human labor. This Bureau also dispatches personnel to patrol and investigate everyday, to find out flaws and make improvements at any time, so as to make the roads clean and beautiful.
  2. The environmental volunteers perform a monthly assessment of road sweeping for each township.

(6) Noise and Vibration

  1. Perform inspections and checks on the compliant cases of common noise and vehicle noise reported by the public.
  2. Perform inspections on the complaint cases of non-ionizing radiation reported by the public.

(7) Aviation Noise Control

  1. Perform the modification and review operations for each of various noise control areas and aviation noise control areas in the county once every two years, according to the stipulations in Article 7 of “the Noise Control Act” and Article 8 of “Vicinity Aircraft Noise Control Regulations”. 
  2. Implement the operations of acoustic isolation facility subsidies for the residents in aviation noise control areas, in line with Civil Aeronautics Administration under Ministry of Transportation and Communications.