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  • Date:2017-12-25


1. Perform the survey of the soil in the surrounding farmland around cleared areas, so as to clarify if there is the concern for heavy metal pollution. 

2. Understand the soil pollution situation of high pollution potential in the Kinmen region, and implement follow-up pollution monitoring, tracking, and verification.  

3. Continue to track the quality of groundwater in the county. In addition, regarding the possibly-polluted areas, select some suitable wells to perform groundwater sampling surveys, so as to ensure the public’s water safety.  

4. Implement the survey of soil and groundwater vulnerability under gas stations, to make gas stations carry out regular reports and equipment updates in accordance with the laws. Have real-time control over the possible situation of oil pollution, and hold workshops to promote the latest relevant laws and decrees.     

5. Handle the cases for reviewing the improvement plans for polluted sites. 

6. Reinforce the promotional and educational tasks regarding the public’s awareness of groundwater and soil pollution control.

7. Strengthen the contingency ability to deal with the compliant cases of soil and groundwater pollution reported by the public.