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  • Date:2012-12-14

1. Check and inspect the water supply quality of each water treatment plant in the water corporation. The inspection items include 14 items, such as pH Value, Natural Effective Residual Chlorine, Chloride, Coliform Group, Color, Hardness, Nitrogen, Sulfate, Total Dissolved Solids, Total Bacterial Count, Nitrite, Nitrate, Turbidity, and Trihalomethane.

2. Perform inspections on drinking water quality in 29 junior (elementary) high schools in the county. Also, check the maintenance records of the continuous   drinking water supply equipment in every public/private place (airport, hospital, hotel, museum, etc.), and perform random inspections on the water supply after the equipment has been cleaned.

3. Perform inspections on the waste water in the listed business units. The inspection items include 8 items such as Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and Total Suspended Solids (TSS).

4. Perform water quality analyses of the raw water in reservoirs. The inspection items include 11 items such as organic carbon and chlorophyll a. Each Carlson Trophic State Index (CTSI ) indicates an eutrophic situation.

5. Inspect the water source of packaged drinking water and the water quality of water filling stations.

6. Perform inspections on the waste (foul) water on animal farms. The inspection items include 5 items such as biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).

7. Perform inspections on the continuous drinking water supply equipment in public/private places, and check the maintenance of drinking water equipment.

8. Check and Track the operational situation of the waste (foul) water discharge in the listed businesses and newly-added businesses within this county’s jurisdiction. 

9. Implement the affairs regarding the recertification of business unit permission in the county, and provide guidance for the operations regarding assisting the newly-added businesses in installing relevant pollution control measures and acquiring permissions. 

10. Implement the cleaning and maintenance tasks for experimental areas of artificial wetlands in Liaoluo Village in this county, and fulfill one inspection on one time of the incoming/outgoing running water quality at that site. The inspection items shall at least include the quantitatively-shown matters related to the operations and maintenance of vegetation, eg. pH, BOD, DO, Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen, and Coliform Group.

11. The affairs regarding the management, application and assessments in the River Patrol Team.

12. Assist in checking and investigating oiled waste (foul) water at the ports as well as the refueling operations at tanker docks.

13. Implement the sampling and inspection operations, in line with the “Survey of Drinking Water for Certain Specific Analyses in the Water Quality Standards” from Environmental Protection Administration.

14. Implement the “Pollution Control Planning and Primary Design Plan for Taihu Reservoir and Ronghu Reservoir in Kinmen”. Now, a primary improvement program for the quality of the body of water in Taihu Reservoir and Ronghu Reservoir has been drawn up.