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  • Date:2017-12-25

1. Promote compulsory trash categorization.

2. Limit the use of plastic shopping bags and plastic disposable tableware.

3. Limit excessive product packages.

4. Limit the manufacture, input and sale of dry batteries.

5. Limit the use of plastic trays and package boxes.

6. Limit the input and sale of mercury thermometer.

7. Promote the projects for reducing paper cups in governmental agencies and schools.

8. Provide each institution, community, school and the public with guidance regarding recycling management. 

9. Provide recycling management guidance for and clamp down on the vendors and sellers responsible for waste recycling. 

10. Provide guidance for waste recycling and disposal enterprise registration.

11. Provide management guidance for individual recycling scavengers.   

12. Check, report, remove and tow the abandoned non-licensed vehicles that occupy the roads against the regulations. 

13. Assist the public in applying the recycling rewards for the vehicles discarded.

14. Supervise the township of this county to handle recycling tasks.

15. Manage the operations for leftover recycling and reuse as well as regional leftover and dunghill facilities. 

16. Manage the operations for bulk waste recycling and reuse tasks as well as regional bulk waste recycling and reuse facilities in this county.

17. Implement the tasks of waste cooking oil recycling and reuse.

18. Implement the recycling and reuse of waste plastic bags. 

19. Supervise each township regarding the construction, improvement, and operation management of resource recycling facilities (equipment).