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  • Date:2017-12-25

1. Establish a standard operation procedure for Environmental Impact Assessment: Set up the “Organizational Rules for EIA Review Committee of Kinmen County Government Environmental Protection Areas” and “Main Points for Selecting Expert and Researcher Commissioners of Kinmen County Government EIA Review Committee”. Expert and researcher commissioners can be recommended publicly by universities and colleges, administrative institutions, and academic research institutions, and then be engaged by the county magistrate after the commissioners of each field are certified. Reduce the hours for EIA review operations and simplify the operational procedures. 

2. Implement EIA monitoring operations, and implement follow-ups in line with the industry competent authority, so as to carry out the EIA Review System. 

3. Have effective implementation of the reviews of the environmental monitoring implementation results submitted by the development unit.

4. Strengthen the active participation of community opinions. Ask the developers to create a simple EIA Supervision Review Form. Announce the proper locations adjunct to the developed bases, so as to carry out the EIA requirements by means of public supervision.

5. Reinforce the trainings and promotion for the EIA System: Promote the regulations, so that the public, the development units, and the industry competent authority can understand Environmental Impact Assessment Act and relevant regulations and then carry out accordingly.