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  • Date:2017-12-25

1. Hold environmental education training activities of more than 4 hours, relevant promotion of laws and decrees for the persons in charge of environmental education, and the trainings for cooperative items, in terms of the juristic persons that donate more than 50% funds in total to each of the county’s agency, public business institutions, schools under high-school level, and governments,

2. Hold promotional and educational activities for environmental protection by ourselves or in line with local events. 

3. Hold environmental workshops for the punished obligated persons or representatives who violate environmental protection laws or the administrative laws for autonomous ordinances.  

4. Integrate and organize characteristic environmental education facilities and resources. Utilize vacant space and buildings or provide guidance for non-governmental circles to install environmental education facilities and places. Establish and provide complete professional services, information and resources in terms of environmental education.

5. Guide and reward non-governmental circles for their utilization of public/private vacant space or buildings to install environmental education facilities and places.

6. Provide assistance in promoting environmental communities. The content shall be mainly based on environmental education promotion, complemented by community environment tidiness and the promotion of resource recycling system operation.

7. Hold the activities for selecting and commending the schools, teachers, students, communities, groups, volunteers, environmental protection bureau personnel who have merits in environmental protection, promoted by Environmental Protection Administration. Also, provide guidance of relevant matters to the ones participating in the selection and commendation.   

8. Hold educational trainings for environmental volunteers. Integrate and utilize the human resources of volunteers, to assist regions in promoting every kind of environmental protection business.

9. Create environmental-protection propaganda handouts. The content of the propaganda shall be mainly based on the environmental-protection business items (eg. resource recycling, environmental public health, waste management, water quality and soil examination, air and noise control, environment management, etc.) promoted by this Bureau at present. The promotional propaganda handouts shall be distributed to specific institutions and units; in addition, they shall be distributed to the public in line with the business implementation of each environmental-protection performed by this Bureau, so as to provide our citizens with correct concepts of environmental protection. 

10. Implement the affairs in line with the central government and local governments or the affairs related to the promotion of environmental education.